Use Cases

Automated livestreaming for hockey

Our software directs PTZ-cameras to the necessary position in real-time. Together with TeamTV, we have developed a fully automated livestreaming service for hockey clubs.

Field hockey is one of the hardest sports to automate livestreaming in due to its high game speed and small ball. Our tailor-made AI is able to capture all important moments during the match for both entertainment and analytics purposes. See EHTV for more information.

Automated tagging for tennis academies

A custom build tagging pipeline has been setup for tennis academies. Using our software, providing match analytics is 10 times faster, without any human intervention. Automatically detect spin, player and ball position, strokes, and more.

Our solution is part of the complete educational process for tennis developed by Skills Intelligence. An essential part of this program is how we deal with data and insights. Before being able to understand or use this data, a player or coach had to manually tag hours of video material. A single match easily takes an entire day if done correctly. Using our solutions, this is no longer necessary. Instead, the fully tagged match is available within one hour of uploading.

Robotic bin picking with computer vision

Together with New Circle Technologies, we are developing a computer vision solution for complex bin picking situations. Our smart algorithms will enable robotic systems to work in almost all bin picking situations. Current solutions are expensive and custom-made for specific manufacturing lines. Instead, our solution is highly flexible. Adding new products to the manufacturing line will be done within minutes instead of hours without the need of an expert to set it up.