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Eyedle is your Artificial Intelligence (AI) partner in image collection, analysis, and streaming. Using AI we make sure you capture everything. From images to image-derived statistics.
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Object recognition

Using a combination of deep learning and common sense we are able to detect and recognize a plethora of objects.

Image derived statistics

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. We share this belief but instead of words, we extract a multitude of interesting statistics from imagery.

Smart actions

Based on the objects we find and the statistics we gather from imaging data we are able to define and execute the best next actions.

Let us help you automate!

Make use of imaging

At Eyedle we are passionate about using image data to help you automate. We are experts in image data collection, image processing, and subsequent action execution.  Click the button below to see what we do best. 

What is it that we do?

Detect, classify, and track objects

In a nutshell, we are able to find many different objects from images and use this information to generate statistics and/or location data. This data can be used in analyses or as input for motorized systems. One of our use cases involves detecting hockey players and hockey balls in order to move multiple cameras that record the game. Think of it as an automated director. 

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At the moment we are working together with some great companies to tackle different use cases having very high complexities in different markets. Are you operating in a market where there is room for innovation using AI imaging techniques, reach out.

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Team TV helps to boost player development and fan engagement with its online solutions for video analysis, andcontent production.
Skills Intelligence specializes in organizing and executing physical test days and has developed custom software to quantify sports players' performance.
New circle Technologies creates analyses, prototypes, and full-fledged products for the industry. They focus on mechanics, dynamics, and electronics.
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