About us

What we do

At Eyedle, we are specialized in applied computer vision. We combine video input, smart algorithms, decision and control software into fully functional pipelines for our customers. We have several standardized products, but also build custom software. Please contact us.

Who we are

Business developer

Emiel holds a master’s degree in innovation sciences, has a strong business feeling, and SaaS experience. He’s a big fan of all sports, but table tennis is his strong point.‚Äč

AI & Solution engineer

Jelmer has a master’s degree in data science with a background in industrial engineering. Next to korfball, table soccer is one of his specialties.

Data Scientist & new product innovation

Koen has a master’s degree in data science and has graduated in medical image processing using neural networks. Tennis is his go-to sport.

Software engineer & Architect

Koen is our software architect and full-stack developer specialized in multi-media processing. His spare time is spent improving his time korfball game.