Our services

Automated Camera systems

We develop software to direct multiple PTZ-cameras for sports applications. Perfect for livestreaming and analysis of your team. Using smart AI and computer vision algorithms we detect players and balls in real-time. Our directing algorithms then automatically aim the PTZ-cameras at the necessary positions, delivering a livestream in 4K without needing human input.

Automated image Tagging

Turning video input into useful insights can be a cumbersome process. We build automated tagging software which does the trick for you. Using a unique pipeline and custom AI, we are able to generate the necessary output for your problem.

Computer vision & Robotics

We develop software for the control of robotics-based on visual input. Robots are an essential part of many manufacturing lines, replacing humans due to efficiency and failure reduction. However, these robots are often expensive and specifically designed for a single task. Our software makes it possible to build more generic robots which can be used in a wide range of situations.

Data engineering

SPADE by Eyedle is your strategic partner in the world of football analytics, empowering clubs with the tools they need to thrive. Seamlessly connecting to leading football APIs such as StatsBomb, Opta, and Wyscout, SPADE streamlines the collection, integration, and storage of critical match data.